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The Adventist youth society is a department of the church through which the church works for and through her youth

Mission Statement—The primary focus of youth ministry is the salvation of youth through Jesus Christ. We understand youth ministry to be that work of the church that is conducted for, with, and by young people * Our task is to:

1. Lead youth to understand their individual worth and to discover and develop their spiritual gifts and abilities.

2. Equip and empower youth for a life of service with God’s church and the community.            3. Ensure the integration of youth into all aspects of church life and leadership in order that they might be full participants in the mission of the church

Objectives — In response to these inspired directives, the Youth Ministries Department was organized to give leadership training and to provide resource materials and evangelistic plans for the Adventist Youth Society in the local churches. The Spirit of Prophecy sets forth theobjectives of the youth organization as follows: (1) to train the youth to work for other youth, (2) to recruit the youth to help their church and “those who profess to be Sabbathkeepers,” and (3) to work “for those who are not of our faith.” – Signs of the Times, May 29,1893.

In seeking to reach these objectives the youth are called upon (1) to pray together, (2) to study the Word together, (3) to fellowship together in Christian social interaction, (4) to act together in small groups to carry out well-laid plans for witnessing, (5) to develop tact and skill and talent in the Master’s service, and (6) to encourage one another in spiritual growth.

TheAimof the Adventist Youth Society is: “The Advent Message to All the World in My Generation.” TheMottois: “The Love of Christ Constrains Me.

“The Sabbath school is an important branch of the missionary work, not only because it gives to young and old a knowledge of God’s word, but because it awakens in them a love for its sacred truths, and a desire to study them for themselves; above all, it teaches them to regulate their lives by its holy teachings.”— Sabbath School Lessons—Realizing that “none but those who have fortified the mind with the truths of the Bible will stand through the last great conflict” (The Great Controversy, pp. 593, 594), the Sabbath School Department leaders should do all that is possible to encourage regular systematic study of the Word.

The Sabbath School Bible Study Guide is designed to encourage the habit of daily feasting on the Word. This time-honored practice has done much to maintain Christian unity throughout the world church.