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Adventist men week of prayer
The Adventistmen celebrated their week from Sunday 10th to Sabbath 16th July, 2011. The week of prayer was packed with interesting spiritual topic for each day of the week.
Sunday Gideon
Monday Courage of Joshua
Tuesday Holy Spirit
Wednesday Peter
Thursday Diabetes, Slow killer
Friday Family communication
Saturday Bonds of Iron
Theme songs 506 ( A mighty fortress is our God)
Theme: bonds of iron

The week of prayer had the theme, “Bonds of Iron” with theme song SADA 506 “ a mighty fortress is our God”
It was climaxed on Sabbath 16th July 2011 with the men singing all songs and handling the entire divine service promgramme.
The sermon was titled “bond of Iron” and was preached by Elder George Owusu the Adventist men leader

Adventist Men is another subsidiary group within the Personal Ministries Department.

It is the chief outreach (missionary) program carried on by this group are lay preaching efforts, prison ministry, and Community Services. The Community Services/ AdventistMenis an important feature of the outreach (missionary) activities of the church. He leader of this society, the assistant leader (if needed), and the secretary-treasurer are elected at the regular church election. This society gathers and prepares clothing, food, and other supplies for the poor, needy, and unfortunate. This organization works in close cooperation with the deacons and deaconesses of the church. Community Services/ Adventist Men, however, includes more than giving material aid; it encompasses also adult education, visiting.