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After an evangelistic campaign conducted by Elder E.E. Cleveland, assisted by Pastor CD. Henri in the year 1959 at e Baden Powell Memorial Hall and a subsequent one by Pastor Henri, assisted by Pastor Ackah in the year 1965, the Seventh-day Adventist church in Accra began to grow with members in great number and barely two years later there was congestion in the then local church, Hansen Road Seventh-day Adventist Church.Due to the increase in membership and the- spread of members in other areas of Accra, the need was therefore felt for the building of second church for Accra Metropolis

The Organization Phase

With the need to establish a new church, the Church Board of the Hansen Road Church appointed a Church’ Building Committee headed by Brother A.C Berger and comprising others like Pastor

CD. Henri, M.T. Battle, N.E. Nielsen, T. H. Kristiansen, Brothers CA. Clerk, H. Ofei-Quartey, K. N. Ghanney, S.A. Armah, C Meredith, and S.A. Addote . The committee held series of meetings and on th 26th March, 1962 a report was presented to the Church Board with the following recommendations:

  1. That the cost of church building should not be more than £10,000
  1. That the size of the church should accommodate up to 2400 people.
  1. That each member was to contribute not less than £ 25 within two years.

The Church Board accepted these recommendations and a sub-

Church members were divided into 18 bands. Each had a leader who was given oversight responsibility of visiting members in their homes to collect their contributions. The leader then announced total collection for the week for their bands and these were recorded on the progress chart each week. Slowly, but surely monies were collected for the big project and the Lord greatly blessed the exercise as each week.the leaders did not only visit to collect but pray with families.

The Building Phase


In 1961 an application was made by the Building Committee to the Lands Department for the acquisition of a piece of land at the Osu Estate. Although Government considered and granted an Undertaking Lease in May, 1962, it was later discovered that the land was not big enough to accommodate all requirements envisaged by the Building Committee; therefore in September 1962 a fresh application was made for a bigger plot of land where the church now stands.

All was not to go very smooth without obstacles. For, in October, 1962 a reply was received from the Lands Department regretting that the land had already been earmarked for another church. It was a heavy
blow to the church, because there was no other plot in the locality that had been marked up as a church site except this one.

Pastors Kristiansen, Neilsen and Battle had to meet the then Minister of Lands for a lengthy discussion, but it was a fruitless attempt. Elder Addotey who was then in charge of the Records Room of the Land
Department noticed that according to the records no formal application had been made by any church organization except the Adventists.

The church leaders had to struggle further on by appealing to the then President, Dr Kwame Nkrumah through Sister Meredith who was then teaching the President’s children. One week after, the Minister of Lands told Elder Addotey that the President had ordered thatthe land be given to the S. D.A. Church.

Immediately, the legal officers of the Lands Department had to prepare the necessary documents for the signature of the Trustees of the Ghana Conference. Thanks be to God for His wonderful direction in this matter.


After approval had been received from the Northern European Division of S.D.A., the plans were sent to the Accra -Tema City Council for approval. Immediately after the approval, tenders were invited from contractors for the building of the church. Three contractors tendered ..

They were:

1. Nino Michilletti&Sons Ltd., who quoted N¢:72,016

2. Central Services Company quoted N ¢:73,269.00.

3. E. Tonone quoted N¢:55,800.00

After careful study of the tenders the Church Board selected E, Tonone and a letter dated 29tth May,1967 was addressed to him authorizing him to start building operations.


Before the contractor started building operations, a sod cutting ceremony was performed on May 7th, 1967, The chairman of the Accra- Tema City Council representative was the chairman for the

The La Mantse and OsuMantse were represented at the function. The contractor, Mr. E Tonone, the Ghana Conference President, the West Africa Union President, the church pastor, Pastor B.CB.

Debrah, and many church members graced the occasion; the ceremony was a solemn one.


The construction of the church building commenced on 8th of May, 1967 and in less than a year the work was completed. At this time the compound needed leveling, erecting of fence, planting of the lawns and flowers. Church members were invited for communal labour on Sundays from 9 am, to 12 noon, and week after week members enthusiastically turn up in their numbers both old and young to take part. Members like the late Brothers Swaniker, Clerk and Palm, the three old men amongst the lot took active part in the work and that inspired the young people to put in more effort. In the work of landscaping, offices from the Union Pastors Kristiansen, Surridge, K. Gammon, Gerstein, Faber, and Brother Muderspach gave of their very best. Brother Muderspach became the chairman of the Building Committee after Mr. Berger left, and then Pastor Surridge also took over when Muderspach left. Sister Haapakoski, and Brother Pierson did not fail to put in their quota, Trucks were hired to bring in gravel and black soil whilst the Union office lent us shovels, rakes, wheel barrows, pick axes and spades. Sunday after Sunday the communal labour continued until the whole compound was leveled and flowers, trees and green grass planted.

On the 6th of January, 1968 the first church service was held in the incomplete building and it was the President of the Northern European West African Division, Elder W. Duncan Eva who
preached the sermon.

Members after
church servic

Pastors after
church service


Seventy (70) baptized members drawn from the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Hansen Road, Accra were the first membrs of the new church organized at Labone. The first members, their children and wards who accompanied them to church every Sabbath when the church was first organized,